CromolyAffairs from peonfx on Vimeo.

I can vaguely remember my very first cyclo-camping trip to Kota Tinggi Waterfalls when i was only 15. It was a spontaneous bicycle trip back then, riding on rigid mountain bicycles with very little money and basic camping equipment.
I started 2016 with a detailed plan to ride along the east coast of Malaysia and ending the destination in Golok, Thailand. And this time, i was equipped with proper rig, camping gears and a bunch of like-minded friends to venture out with me. With advise and a handful of guide from seasoned cyclo-tourers, we took on our 9 days cycling adventure across the causeway. Massive thanks to The Bag Creature for decking us with super durable weatherproof Chrome Industries bags and panniers. Coincidently, the 6 of us are touring with steel bikes, like an affairs of steel bike lovers.. thus i name this collective CromolyAffairs.
Living in Singapore, we are blessed geographically to be able to ride into our neighbouring country, Malaysia, that is rich with great culture, food and nature. As a kid, i took on many road trips with my folks visiting relatives that are located in various part of peninsula Malaysia. I remember the beautiful beaches and the landscape that fascinated me then and it will definitely do the same for this adventure.
During this 9 day tour, i have seen much more on my bicycle than on those numerous road trips that i have taken all these while. The 6 of us gave ourselves a 12 days grace for this trip, with at least 3 days buffer in spare should there are any malfunction along the way or just in case we had bad weather throughout our trip.
With careful planning and ensuring that we reach each checkpoint before sundown, we make sure that we are properly rested, hydrated and carbo-loaded by the end of each day. Malaysians are friendly lot, giving us words of encouragement as we rode pass or a simple honk on their vehicle as a gesture of their warm welcome and support when they see us riding along the seemingly endless stretch of road with very little trees under intense midday heat.
Each state offers their own unique hospitality and beauty. There are coastal landscape that look like we are in Australia, wide open grassland like savannah of Africa. Malaysia has so much to offer. We’ve seen places where guided book won’t tell you. 820km, We made it to our destination within the planned 9 days and having at least 3 days to chill and rest, a little massage on our tired legs before we head our way back home, satisfied, blessed that we made it home safe and sound, 3 shades darker and an ever growing craving to plan and do more. Another destination, another epic journey awaits.
Wouldn’t have thought that we will put up a video for this trip. I would normally travel with my heavy dslr but not on this one as my main role is to lead the pack, to navigate and focusing on keeping the crew inlined with the planned program. All footages are shots from our mobiles phones, mostly on iPhone 6.
Lastly, at least once a year… go to a place you have never been before.
-Acit Salbini