peonfxPEONFX is an independent lifestyle company producing cycling inspired apparels as well as lifestyle products & accessories.

Founded in 2009 out of passion and love for cycling, PEONFX has since collaborated with many international and local establishments, magazines, street artists and clothing brands such as UrbanVelo,The Killer Gerbil, Kilas, Coolcaps, Sup Clothing, Macaframa, SumVelo, 5th Floor, Pedal Consumption, Pias Cycles, CBNC, Noden Collective etc.

Our direction now is moving to everyday commuter wear while still maintaining the cycling inspired products. We can say that we started out as a ‘movement’, to encourage the community with cycling related activities aside from our products, and we have progressed to a lifestyle/everyday wear apparel company. We have expanded further in our creativity to other medium like wood, metal, acrylic and leather; crafting pieces like cruiser boards, leather goods, pendants and more accessories. These are specially handcrafted under Atelier Du Peonfx. Handcrafted locally in Singapore.

Our products are often undersupply however we uphold our niche identity with our high mix low volume production philosophy. All PEONFX products are limited in quantities. Selected numbers are stocked by our partners & friends while 40% of products are sold on our online store.

No doubt it is a daunting task for us to maintain low volume, high quality but yet keeping all products affordable. But we believe all individual are unique hence should not settle for uniformity or mass produced products.

PEONFX has organized bike polo, bike film screenings & numerous local & international rides. We have supported and still supporting numerous bicycle events both locally and globally.

Additionally, PEONFX is also the key member of “Tales from the Crit” or TFTC in short, an unsanctioned fixed gear criterium ride organizer, which consists of a small group of cycling enthusiasts based in Singapore. TFTC are responsible for organizing the first Goldsprint in Singapore,  RoRollKidul.

PEONFX : made for the masses, by cyclists.

*We do not have a physical store, to purchase our merchandise offline. Please visit our authorize reseller.